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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Mobility Scooters are more than a vehicle. They are both a way of life and the “next level of freedom” for people as they age and have diminished mobility. What this means is that choosing the right Scooter requires more than just “buying online” …


1. The Retailer is likely to put only the best selling, most reliable scooters on the Showroom floor. What you find is the best of the best, helping to screen out items that have a lower customer satisfaction.

a. Why this is important: You have built in confidence that what you buy will be a great purchase decision.

2. The Retailer will have already pre-tested the Scooter before it goes on the Showroom floor.

a. What this means for you: There is NO CHANCE that you will not receive a Scooter in a box that has a defect.

b. Avoid defects with Online purchases which can create a great deal of stress while attempting to obtain customer service, repairs, etc.

3. The Retailer has Customer Service Personnel who are there face to face to discuss your personnel needs. Benefits to you include discussions of:

a. Physical limitations

b. Scooter mechanics

c. Portability needs

d. Thresholds and ground clearance

e. Weight Capacity issues

f. Speed issues

g. Battery range needs

h. Turning radius issues

i. Seating needs

j. Basket needs

Why this is important: There is nowhere else (no online seller) where you will get education, training, and support that helps you with your purchasing decision - start to finish.

4. The Retailer helps you to Look, Touch, Try: The Retailer is the only place where you will have an in person encounter with your potential Scooter purchase.

a. Why this is important: Beyond the obvious benefit of try before you by, you are building a relationship with a company who will help you not only with this need, but with future needs as well.

5. The Retailer will be there after the sale, especially if they have a Repair/Service Department.

a. Why this is a huge benefit: Your Mobility Scooter will provide you with years of reliable service, which is likely well worth the small amount of savings you may receive by having a Scooter shipped to your curbside in a box.

b. The best dealers (such as Mobility Plus of CA). will provide a Warranty Service warranty, providing peace of mind, and financial security if you do have a warranty issue. You have a local source for whatever issues you have while owning your Mobility Scooter.

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